Marie Carroll - President/CEO

Marie Carroll serves as the President/CEO for Arctic Slope Native Association (ASNA). She began working with ASNA in September 1999 as Vice President for Health Services and was appointed by the ASNA Board in June 2007 as President/CEO. In her role, Marie is responsible for the effective management of all affairs of the Association; she plans, directs, and coordinates the programs and activities of the Association for the effective utilization of human and financial resources to accomplish the goals established by the Board of Directors. Marie graduated from Mount Edgecumbe High School and continued her education at George Washington University to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and minor in Human Development. Marie worked through high school and college doing odd jobs from delivering ice or water to homes in Barrow to becoming a camp counselor at the Meade River Ukpiksuu Camp for teens. She served as Borough Clerk under the North Slope Borough (NSB) Director of Administration and Finance, Lloyd Ahvakana, during the late Mayor Eben Hopson Sr.’s term. Marie has served in many roles on the North Slope, including Executive Director for Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission, City of Barrow Manager, and Public Information Manager for the former NSB Mayor Benjamin Nageak.