About ASNA


We are a tribal nonprofit health and social services organization.


Our Mission – Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people of the Arctic Slope.


Our Vision – The people of the Arctic Slope are healthy and content.


Our Values – With guidance and support from elders, our organization will be guided by the values of the Iñupiat people of the Arctic Slope. These Iñupiat values are:


Qiksiksrautiqaġniq Utuqqanaanun, Allanun, Iñuuniaġvigmun ~ Respect for Elders, Others, and Nature


Iļagiigñiq ~ Family Kinship and Roles


Aviktuaqatigiigñiq ~ Sharing


Iñupiuraallaniq ~ Knowledge of the Language


Paammaaġiigñiq ~ Cooperation


Piqpakkutiqaġniq ~ Love and Respect for One Another


Quvianġuniq ~ Humor


Aŋuniallaniq ~ Hunting Traditions


Nagliktuutiqaġniq ~ Compassion


Qiñuiññiq ~ Humility


Paaqłaktautaiññiq ~ Avoidance of Conflict


Ukpiqqutiqaġniq ~ Spirituality


Our Purpose –

Respond to the needs and priorities of the eight recognized tribal councils, as determined by those councils,

Encourage, support and foster each council’s abilities to do those things that they can do for themselves,

Enhance and promote the self-respect, pride and well-being of the Native members of the Arctic Slope region,

Represent and be an advocate for Arctic Slope Natives and the tribal councils of the Arctic Slope region authorized by those councils and organizations.

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