Aimaaġvik Assisted Living is Accepting Niqipiaq Donations

Aimaaġvik Assisted Living is Accepting Niqipiaq Donations

Aimaaġvik is accepting niqipiaq or traditional food donations for its residents to enjoy.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Food must be clean and kept cool to prevent spoilage.
  2. All food should be quartered or in manageable sizes.
  3. Wild game must be field dressed (gutted and skinned).
  4. All seafood must be gutted and in manageable sizes.
  5. Fish must be gutted and left whole.
  6. Other foods can be dropped off to Aimaaġvik.

Foods we are allowed to accept:

  • Caribou Meat
  • Fish Meat
  • Wild Berries
  • Moose Meat
  • Seal Meat
  • Tundra Tea
  • Birds
  • Whale Meat
  • Wild Greens
  • Maktak
  • Fish Eggs
  • Eggs

Foods we are not allowed to accept:

  • Fox Meat
  • Organs
  • Molluscans
  • Bear
  • Seal Oil
  • Wild Mushrooms
  • Walrus Meat
  • Whale Oil
  • *Fermented & Other Items

*These items include: stink meat, fermented fish, stink eggs, beaver tail, whale flipper, smoked or dried fish and meat, home canned foods, etc.

The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation authorized the traditional foods allowed and foods not allowed under the provisions of the Alaska Food Code Section 18AAC31.205.

If you have questions, please call Dee Nosbisch at (907) 852-3077 or (907) 852-0272.

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