ASNA Proudly Participates in ‘Our Land’ Community Clean-Up

ASNA Proudly Participates in ‘Our Land’ Community Clean-Up

ASNA is proud to sponsor the ‘Our Land’ Community Clean-Up Initiative on July 27 in an effort to beautify Barrow.

The ‘Our Land’ project is led by 2014 Barrow High School graduate, Jaden Nethercott. Nethercott was driven by a desire to give back to the community by leading an innovative clean-up effort. The initiative involves several local entities sponsoring one day of clean-up, followed by ‘Our Land for Youth’, and a group clean-up effort on the last day.

The ASNA staff has chosen to clean up the neighborhood surrounding SSMH. Additionally, employees will canvass homes with Vehicle Removal Forms from the City of Barrow, encouraging proper disposal of wrecked vehicles and alerting neighbors of the pending clean-up program.

The event has drawn significant support from entities such as ASRC, UIC, City of Barrow, ICAS, NSB Department of Health & Social Services, Iḷisaġvik College, and the NSB Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council

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