BIA Emergency Assistance Program

We help families who require emergency financial help. In doing so, we uphold our traditional Iñupiat values of love and respect for one another, compassion, and sharing. Eligibility for BIA Financial Assistance Service Programs is a secondary or residual resource and must not be used to supplement or supplant other programs.

When a home is destroyed due to fire or flood, Emergency Assistance payments are allowed for essential needs and other non-medical necessities to individuals or families who suffer from burnout, flood, or to the destruction of their home, and loss or damage to personal possessions. Prior to providing Emergency Assistance, applicants must be referred to the America Red Cross Alaska Chapter. The maximum Emergency Assistance payment is not to exceed the BIA’s standard of $1,000 per eligible household.

Please contact ASNA to fully understand the eligibility determination processes.

Communities Served

  • Atqasuk
  • Kaktovik
  • Nuiqsut
  • Wainwright

BIA Emergency Assistance Contact (Family Preservation & Development Division)

Toll Free: 1 800 478 3033 in Alaska / Direct: 907 852 9379 / Alternate: 907 852 9153